The Rise of Australia as a Superpower?

20 10 2012
Wouldn’t it be strange if during the next election Romney wins, and the US slowly recedes back into a less scientific country.

Where there’s less research, less education, more bible study in schools, no understanding of climate change, no acceptance of gays, more oil and gas mining, being more suspicious of the internet and it’s users.

And people who based their livelihoods on science and progress, moved to Australia, where there are more initiatives to power our country with renewables, for which we need smart people to drive those ideas.

Could it be possible that in time, we become a technological superpower, while the US sinks back into God, Oil, A Womans place is in the home, putting Gays in jail, something akin to the 1950s?
I’ve been wondering about this for some time.



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20 10 2012
Wolfie Rankin

Provided we don’t elect the LNP and ruin our chances, of course.

1 11 2012

Very interesting thought! I hope I live long enough to see this social experiment you speak of play out in fact. I am unconvinced however as to whether Australia could sufficiently step away from its traditional US influences to become the Brave New World you speak of. Of course, every great empire has had its day in the sun before falling in the shadows of the next imperial Hegemony.

I remain faithful only to the power of the people. The unenlightened can and will continue to vote in the Republicans all they like, as can any country’s Governments be brought to power by lazy thinking, ill informed, right winged, conservative Scaredy Cats, but the Progressives, the Free Thinkers, the Libertarians; the Idealists; now they will always be there – by their very nature, squirreling away, fighting to the end.

6 11 2012

Well, I as an Australian, truly believe this. I mean, look at us now, more than 3 quarters of the world are our allies, we aren’t wasting any resources for any useless stuff, such as weapons etc. and as you states. We’re a scientific country. We are developing amazingly fast. We have enough uranium to make… heck I don’t know, but I do know in a few centuries. We will hopefully rise to be a superpower. Never mind our population. But what matters is the military power in my opinion.

(Yes, I’m Australian. AND PROUD OF IT!)

3 01 2013

Sorry Wolfie, this definitely aint gonna happen. To develop technology the country needed to keep and grow its manufacturing industrys and the skills within them. Both sides of the duopoly have been giving them away to China for decades now, and prefer the `free-trade` bullshit and Gina digging stuff up.

3 02 2013
Pilot McBride

Psssst….. industries……

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