Welcome to the Dark Ages, Part II.

11 10 2012

I saw this guy today.

He’s apparently the Science and Technology adviser to the Republican Party.

Apparently “Evolution is a lie from the pit of hell”

Are you voting Republican this year?

If they win, I’m going to be so very glad I live in Australia, but I will be very sad to think that a smart, tech savvy nation has sunk back into the dark ages.

Do you really want guys like this in power?





5 responses

11 10 2012

I would love it if someone could explain what the appeal of the Republican Party would be to a rationalist.

11 10 2012

Sinking like a boulder. The Republicans have been taken over by Fundamentalist Christians. It’s hard to find a secular conservative in this country.

12 10 2012

Wolfie, it is everywhere. I was born and raised in America and it seems to just be getting worse. I know they say that as you age you become more aware of things around you, but I swear it’s getting worse despite this. Our potential leaders are just a reflection of the current state of things in American’s attitudes and expectations. It seems we are all looking for the Bigger Better Deal instead of hunkering down for the long haul. Instead of holding all people in government responsible and making logical decisions to reduce the deficit, we are looking for a smooth-talker to keep our blinders on. I am so disheartened that I am seriously trying to figure out how to become Canadian.

12 10 2012
Wolfie Rankin

I’ve been reading about #GoldenDawn in Greece, watch that, very dangerous stuff.

I feel that as religion loses it’s grip, which it’s doing now, that it will revolt to get it’s power back… watch out for religion based violence.

13 10 2012

Rouschel .. There does seem to be a highly increased `insanity` (only word I can think of) coming out of america. I have watched a fair bit of pbs newshour, we get that here in Australia. I find the 2004 us election the most `insane`. A sitting potus, gw bush loses 4 commercial aircraft, the 2 largest sky-scrapers in new-york and a chunk of the pentagon. Investigations start to show that new-york city was `pearl-harbored` for an excuse to invade another (oil-rich) country. .. The americans return gw-bush, who campaigned on `security`. .. No Rouschel, some of us outside america can see the insanity, you are not alone.

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