Review: TARDIS Tea Pot and Biscuit Jar.

26 09 2012

So, here’s a quick review of my TARDIS Tea Pot and Biscuit jar.

The Products are made of ceramic, and come from Zeon (UK)

Well, I liked what I saw straight away.

I had the mugs before and liked the fact that they felt heavy and solid, and maybe I like that because I’m a bloke.

However the teapot had a fragility about it, so I’m a little nervous about handling it, the sides don’t look all that thick, But it’s not too thin, it should be fine really, and isn’t china supposed to be like that?

Questions had been raised about how well it would pour, but I can assure you that it doesn’t spill and pours quite well.

I noticed a small scratch in the lid, which I was a little annoyed about, but that could have happened at any time from manufacture to shipping, and as Mum would say “I wouldn’t stop a horse to look at it” call it “character lines”? yeah, I think so.

The Biscuit Jar was smaller than I had imagined, but was absolutely huge on the inside! oh come on, I had to say it.

Actually it was smaller than I thought it would be, but during testing proved to be large enough, even for my larger home made bikkies, so the verdict here is there will be plenty of room for your Tim Tams.

It felt a fraction more solid than the teapot too.

There’s a nice tight seal on the lid, so the cockroaches are definitely going hungry, and it should keep the air out too.

Popcultcha had been waiting for orders from the UK for months, but they sent out their orders on the very day they arrived, they took photos of staff packing them up for delivery and posted them to their Facebook page.

My orders arrived a day after they posted their packages, which was great!

The boxes were well packed and as delicate as the contents were, everything was in very good order.

I’m very pleased, I think any #doctorwho fan would love to have these,
so a big thumbs up!

And well done to the people at @Popcultcha too!





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