Moments in Time (Doctor Who / Poirot Cross-Over)

19 09 2012

I was having a thought earlier about Doctor Who and time travel, Wouldn’t it be nice if The Doctor and Hercule Poirot (David Suchet) could meet?

But rather than film one show, both companies, BBC (Doctor Who) and ITV (Poirot) would film their own, but the same episode, from the perspective of their main characters, and shot by two separate film crews, at the same time.

Meaning it would come out like this.

Poirot – ITV
Title – Moments in Time.
Starring – David Suchet
Guest Star – Matt Smith

Doctor Who – BBC
Title – Moments in Time
Starring – Matt Smith
Guest Star David Suchet

Both of the title characters would naturally have a greater role in their own version, In the Doctor Who version we would see The Doctors story unfolding as He deals with a mystery on Earth, which Poirot is also trying to figure out. Then we would see Hercule Poirot in his own version, trying to deal with something He has never seen before, which defies his own logic…
and finally receiving help from a strange fellow who claims to be from another planet.

Does The Doctor tell Poirot that He’s an Alien? Will Poirot see the inside of the TARDIS?
and who will solve the mystery first? The Doctor or Poirot?

Could it be done? or more to the point, could it be done, well?





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