Do we have to grow up?

8 09 2012

I could pad this story out with a lot of froth, but I would rather get to the point.

We find ourselves in 2012, We feel that we don’t need kids to enhance our lives with kids, it’s best to forgo breeding and just be ourselves.

And what I see is that people who liked certain things as a kid, haven’t grown out of those things, they haven’t been as pressured to do so, as with other generations.

I have friends who are into Furry, they dress up as animals and go to conventions, I think in the 80s this sort of thing would have been sniggered at far far more than it is now, a lot of people simply accept it.

Because so many have remained child-like in some ways, and it’s normal to have adults collect pokemon, ninja turtles, simpsons, doctor who and others.

Mind you, it was also much more difficult years ago, as there were very few shops specialising in this sort of merchandise.

I have been buying TARDISES (TARDII?) from a shop online which sells science fiction and fantasy items, lately.

I think We’ve started to allow ourselves to play more, and I think somewhere a switch has flicked and turned off the idea of having kids… we are the kids, why do there need to be more?





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9 09 2012
Kids having Kids, pt.1 « rouschel

[…] another WordPress blogger, brought out a very interesting point in his latest post, “Do We Have to Grow Up?“  He proposes that more people are opting to not have children because continuing to pursue […]

9 09 2012

So true. Linked back to this in a blog post. Thanks, Wolfie 🙂

12 09 2012
Bridgesburning Chris King

Good point you make. Socially a problem is developing wherein grown children supported the system for elder care. I wonder who will support a generation that does reproduce enough children, although I firmly believe it is a personal choice. Great post!

12 09 2012
Wolfie Rankin

Some parents force their kids into sports or beauty pageants, and some people are having kids so their kids are going to look after elderly? not going to happen, I will bet that most will never wish to look after people in hospitals. and then when this new gen grows old, breed even more so…. no.

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