A Good Christian

6 09 2012

Something came up on twitter about good christians, that is an oxymoron in my book.

Centuries ago, the religious would have burnt people like myself at the stake for saying God doesn’t exist, and I reckon they’d still try it on if it was legal… people are still killed and tortured for more progressive thoughts in some other countries even today.

As it is, they’re still trying to stop gay people from having a reasonable life, medical advances such as Stem Cell technology which may stop diseases such as cancer and parkinsons, and interfering in things which they have no business in holding back.

These are quite often the very same lot who deny climate change, but are perfectly happy thinking that burning bushes can talk, snakes can pervert women and a bloke can build a boat which holds over four million animals.

There is no “Good Christian”




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7 09 2012

Yeah, I would be burned too Wolfie, I`m not even `branded` on my birth certificate. You left out the world wide game of hide the `pedo` priest. Woof.

3 01 2013

A “Christian” in the simplest form is a person who Believes in Jesus as God. Keeping this idea there are many Christians in this world, Christians who help people when they are in need, Christians who lie and steal from others, Christians who befriend a stranger they just met, and Christians who commit crimes and murder. However, that is not something that pertains to Christians, that is something that pertains to an ordinary person. You are using history as an example to move your point that Christians are bad to prove that Christians are just as bad today. “Centuries ago they would have burned me to the stake” maybe then, but why should that matter now? Centuries ago doctors accidentally killed hundreds of people because they used Leeches to suck out “bad blood” from their patients. They certainly don’t do that now, but they used to, should we not trust doctors? More than likely each person does something bad. There is no such thing as a good person, and a person can be anything: Christian, Jewish, black, white, Atheist, Agnostic. Look at the individual person, not the history.

3 01 2013
Wolfie Rankin

Do some reading and I’ll think You’ll find that doctors still use leeches for particular applications, it’s an old idea, it never killed anyone, and does the job.

My point is that religion has had powers removed from it, at least in more sensible countries which observe facts more than an outdated belief system… Things like beheading and torture still occur where religion is rampant.

Religion should be something from our dark history, but sadly it isn’t, yet.

I’m trying to push it off the edge of the cliff and a lot of others are with me.

5 01 2013

Sorry I had heard of medical leeches before, I just didn’t think about it when I posted that.

Speaking of observation, The one thing I’ve learned about the nature of things is that we evolve. I keep hearing that the only way for us to move forward “scientifically” is to remove faith/ get rid of God. Why can’t faith evolve as well? Why can’t we live in a world where we have both medical science and people are free to believe what they want. We should stop finding ways to separate how people are different and find how we are the same. A world where Christian, Jew, Muslim, Pagan, Buddhist, Atheist, Agnostic,etc. work together combined with all of the scientific advances we could come up with. No one has to give up anything.

If you think that this cannot happen. It’s already begining. There is a group of college students who have started Interfaith. A group where people of all different faiths including non-faiths get together, abolish stereotypes and learn from each other. Combine that with an educational system that teaches kids about science, different cultures, tolerance and those who want to see it happen, and it possibly could.

Just know this woolfie I’m not trying to push Religion down your throat. Not all people need it. However, I’m against abolishing something that doesn’t necessarily has to be abolished. It can easily change with the times. Did you know there are Gay Christians? And they are perfectly happy that way. Not everyone is happy with the idea of atheism. Why should we make them change their minds?

5 01 2013
Wolfie Rankin

A “good christian” is a waste of a brain.

5 01 2013

And another waste is being one sided on a certain subject.

5 01 2013
Wolfie Rankin

Bullshitting me on a product of science, how christian of you.

5 01 2013

If you’re an atheist fine. You hate religion fine. If you think I’m trying to change those things about you I’m not. Just know this, I love science just as much as you do but I am knowledgeable to know that some people find it boring and will never be interested in it no matter what you tell them. Just as you are happy without “God” some people are with it. Psychologist’s have also have made studies regarding religious faith and it having positive health benefits but that is beside the point. What is the harm of teaching about science and having the choice to believe in whatever you want?

One of my favorite video games is Mass Effect, not only for its stellar gameplay and beautiful graphics, but for the story and the universe it’s set in. In the Mass effect Universe people are technologically advance. People of different races and Species live together on Earth. Religion still exists, but so does Gay marriage and advanced medical science. There are wars still being fought and one large war which was more important than the rest but the thing is When it comes to science and faith there is room for both we Just need the right people to lead us in that direction. I know this game is fictional, but the idea is something I wish more people cared about instead of fighting each other.

5 01 2013

I never said Science is bullshit, I’m trying to say People can have both science and religious faith. Both can be compatable

5 01 2013

I’m also an agnostic deist

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