The Spam-o-Phone

5 09 2012

I’ve decided to do something radical this week, and not answer the phone.

It’s not like I need it anyway, there are three people who contact me by phone, and that’s a rare thing, everyone else reaches me via my Social Networks, rarely via e-mail.

When the phone goes, it’s always when I’m in bed, or the shower or I’ve just pressed my bottom against the toilet seat. I’m sick of having to run and answer, only to discover it’s those twats who have “detected” my windows computer is slow, I think they want tuning as I use a Mac.

Or it’s some sort of survey, or other type of spam.

I can remember days long gone when the phone could ring quite a few times during the day and it was most often for Mum, and if it was my Aunt (who had been vaccinated with a gramophone needle, or so it was commonly said) those chats could go for hours.

But now, with so many online, what is the point of the phone?

I only have it because I can’t have ADSL without it, and apparently we can’t have naked internet in this area because of the old exchange… that and it’s a bit pricey for me anyway.

I loathe paying a phone bill, it’s entirely too much for the use I get out of it.

So, a few days ago, the phone went, and I simply ignored it, and it went again, and I kept away.

I don’t really mind, and to be honest I also hate talking on the phone, I’d far rather write down my thoughts and edit them, so I can get across what I really want to say.

And if I do want to actually talk, there’s skype.

The only thing which bothers me is there is someone who phones, who cannot use a computer, he’s
what they used to call “Backwards” not too backwards mind you, I often thought that had he lived with a family, he would have been ok… but My Cousin had looked after him since he was a child, He’s now in a “home” (for similar people) in St. Kilda.

If it wasn’t for him, then it wouldn’t matter so much. He also can’t afford to call me on my Mobile, as he has a very limited budget.

(I don’t use my mobile for anything other than the odd photo and social networking)

This technology, for me, is teetering on the edge of a cliff, oh how I’d love to give it a foot and send it on it’s way.





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6 09 2012

Well said Wolfie. I have had similar conversations with co-workers about phone-spam a few years ago. As we discussed phone-spam, we noticed the effect on us, which is, years ago, when the phone rang, we were pleased. Somebody we know was calling for a catch-up chat or inviting us to a bbq, picnic or day out. We were happy to have the phone ring.

Now the phone has become a corporate weapon of misery, every time it rings now, we think or say,

what the fuck now

who the fuck is that

or similar. We now largely get phone-spam from corporations trying to flog shit to us.

PS Wolfie. Don`t go to any website from phone-spam. They are trying to trick you into loading spyware onto your computer.

6 09 2012
Wolfie Rankin

Yeah I know, I’m pretty street-wise about stuff like that, and you’re quite right… in ye olden dayes… and I’m thinking about the 70s and 80s, we’d get leads of rellies ringing us… but the family has dwindled to just a few and we rarely talk. it’s kind of sad, but then it always rang at the wrong time.

Each morning my Sister would ring Mum, Mum would be hanging washing, and was partially deaf due to working in weaving mills years earlier. I’d be in bed (I was always a late waker) and Mum was out hanging washing… she wouldn’t hear it… she’d come back in, the phone would stop, she’d go out again, it’d ring again. :/

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