Tasteless and Tawdry

1 09 2012

I know that many people are a little lost when it comes to using some social networks, they’re very often new and don’t know about all the pitfalls.

With Twitter, there is a false idea that in order to be someone, you have to have a lot of followers.

And some, with that idea in their minds, will do anything to boost their numbers, including buying followers, which is a tasteless and tawdry way of doing things.

Why? Because an experienced twitter user might like to see who follows you, and if they see that actual people follow you and enjoy conversing with you then that gives you a certain prestige.

If you pay for followers, all you’ll get are bots, and all bots are, are computers which tweet random, shallow, computer generated tweets about Bieber or Ga-Ga all day long.

Twitter needs to brew, like a good coffee, so give it time and allow it to do so, and those numbers will soon rise.

Tweet about some of your deep thoughts and your funny ones, don’t be shy about it.
Tweet about Politics, Religion, Gardening, Your Cat, That strange bloke down the street… Whatever you like, so long as it demonstrates that you are a real person with real views.

People like you, will see your tweets and start conversations with you, and then, if they like you, they will follow.

There’s absolutely no need to pay to get followers, and in my opinion, it’s a lot nicer to have sixty followers who you talk to each day, than six thousand who are only there to clog up your twitter.

There is also something called #teamfollowback, avoid this, as you’ll be followed by a lot of random people with no sincere connection to you.

And finally. do some weeding from time to time, go into your followers and block anyone selling things, or fake people (an experienced user will generally spot these, people with eggs for avatars and very little in their profile are generally not real), the neater and nicer this list looks, the better you do.




4 responses

1 09 2012

Yeah, #teamfollowback is pretty Lame and also a way of giving some of the spam-bots the `feeling` of being `real` people. If you follow one tweeter using that hash, you soon get dozens continuely follow/unfollow you, they hope you`re a sucker and follow more of these pests. Nice post Wolfie, from memory, I think you and I have done a little tweeting on this topic too, some time ago.

2 09 2012

I stopped using Twitter after several Internet celebrities blocked me. I guess as your “celebrity” status rises, your sense of humor dies a little. Even if it is just Internet fame. No, I’m not bitter..

2 09 2012
Wolfie Rankin

I hope you don’t mean me.

3 09 2012

Nope, not you 🙂 What’s disappointing is that I really admired these people before the whole ordeal. Now, I just kind of see them as attention seekers from a very specific group. If you don’t fit the categories given and don’t behave accordingly, you are booted.

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