Life without kids.

13 08 2012

I just saw a tweet which said “Can you be happy without kids”.
It’s so strange, even now, when people are beginning to loosen up a bit about “lifestyle choices” that there is still a streak of conservatism where anyone who doesn’t bond with someone by the time they’re twenty five, and reproduce, is a loser.

Well I don’t fit that mould, and I know plenty of others don’t either.

Having kids is easy, mostly, but then supporting them for the next twenty or thirty years, is not.

I for one, never saw myself as being “a good husband” as I love my freedom far too much.

I don’t like babies, I don’t like anything to do with babies… unless they’re a baby animal, of the type which isn’t human.

Being a night person, I didn’t want to wake up at the crack of dawn to get the kids off to school each day, and I didn’t want to pour money into looking after them… school books, bedding, lighting, a computer, food, water… endless resources which I’d rather spend on myself and my dog and cat.

Nor did I want to worry about where they were at nights when they came into their teens.

This is my life, and it’s not perfect, but it’s ok, Having kids would not make it better, nor would having a partner make it better either.

There are lots of people out there who have decided not to have kids, in favour of living out their lives.

Yes there have been a few times when I’ve thought about it, but I’m a practical person, and when I think of all the costs, the blood, sweat and tears, which I’d need to pump into it, well no.

When I walk out of the supermarket after being exposed to screaming kids, I’m thankful they’re not mine.





2 responses

13 08 2012
Wolfie Rankin

Another thought here, is why do people want kids?

It used to be required, otherwise the tribe would die out, or extra hands would be useful on the farm… but now the excuse tends to be either purely instinctual, accidental or because some starlet did it.

There are seven billion of us, if the world does not need anything more of something, it’s humans.

Maybe the time is our own now, where we can relax a bit and enjoy our own time, and let our numbers drop for a few centuries.

There will always be a few who want to breed, but for me, no way.

4 01 2013
Velindra-Jay Hedgehog

When you’re someone who was misdiagnosed with a future-threatening illness several times by inept doctors over the course of five years, which later led to the discovery that you are physically unable to carry a child to full-term, lest you run the extremely high risk of dying on the table…you start to be VERY thankful for the inability to have children considering what they’re like in both this day and age and the current generation.

However, explaining your physical inability to have children to both parental units who are emotionally blackmailing and determined to get a child out of you one way or the other (despite the fact the elder sibling already has two children of teenaged/early twenties age) can lead to rather interesting results.

Long story short though, the only breeding I’ll be doing in my future will be of four-legged creatures (cats – specifically Bengals, Scottish Folds and Munchkins) and not the two-legged ones. I’ll leave that sort of thing up to my nymphomaniac egotist of a half-sister >_>;

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