Sad and Lonely

14 07 2012

I saw some news article as I was browsing the internet, all by myself, one of those news stories which claimed that people who sat at home and used the internet a lot were a pretty miserable sort, you know, not meeting people, always alone (as the meme goes).

What utter crap!

I’m sure it was written by the type of person people call “An Extrovert”.

An Extrovert, would practically die, if left on their own for a few hours. Whereas I, like many Introverts are happier at home, where it’s quiet and where we can put our feet up.

I don’t mind being out now and then, It’s perfectly lovely to meet friends… but I prefer it in a small group, never in a place with a crowd or really loud music.

I want a chat over a cuppa, that for me is plenty.

And if it’s with my dog, all the better.

I like to hear myself think, I like the internal chatter… if there’s too much going on, I get over-loaded and want to escape to somewhere quiet.

I went to a friends wedding once, and I was really glad to have been invited and to go… but as the night wore on, the music got louder and louder and I hated it, I spent most of the evening on the steps outside, and was very glad to be home.

What I find strange are people who somehow don’t know how to make actual friends online, I’ve done it heaps of times and have met some of these people (who could make it over here, not everyone online is local) and they’ve been perfectly lovely.

How can people have all these social networks and not find at least three really good friends, are they doing it wrong or what?

I have made some really good friends simply by chatting to people on the social networks, I’m on… It’s no big deal, talk about what interests you, and people just sort of turn up.

Making friends online is no different to chatting to someone in a cafe, and I think it’s better really, as I get to know what’s going on in a persons mind first, rather than what they look like. (Not that I’ve been disappointed by how my friends look).

So here I sit at night, chatting away to people I like, grabbing a bite, patting my dog, snuggling with the cat and not feeling sad or lonely at all.

Being the introvert I am, I wouldn’t have bothered going out of my way to meet people, I would have stayed at home, cooked my own meals, watched some TV, walked my dog… if there’d been no internet, and that would have been that.

Lonely on the internet? Nah.





3 responses

14 07 2012

I totally understand what you mean about crowds and loud music, I don’t mind that but I really appreciate the quiet that home provides when I walk in the door xx

14 07 2012
Wolfie Rankin

Your own bed, your own shower, your own fridge, your own toilet… bliss.

15 07 2012

Couldn`t agree more with you and Avatele, Wolfie. I get a bit sick of these so called `news-articles` that claim knowledge they do not have. Saying we should be `this` or not like `that`. They need to get a life.

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