The bad writers club

19 06 2012

People are worried, rightly so, about good journalism going out the window, in favour of gossip and celebrity nonsense or indigestible news stories which don’t sell papers… people dying of starvation, wars in far off lands or climate change.

I see public reaction when I browse the internet, nobody seems to want to listen to the bad stuff, but if Justin Bieber cuts his pinky, or a new version of a console game is released, that’s what is discussed by all and sundry on Social Networks.

When I post stories to Facebook and Google+, I mix in a bit of serious material with some humour, and lately I’ve been feeling really annoyed that the joke gets all the thumbs ups and plusses and comments, while the serious story is completely ignored.

I don’t think the writers are the problem, there will always be good writers, who are very keen on “just the facts”… but will they have an audience, will anyone respond to what is written?

Will real journalists eventually end up in some nook online, hidden away and read only by other writers, while the masses only ever talk abut the latest phone, car, movie, videogame etc?

Scratches his nails on the blackboard.






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22 06 2012

I suspect you have this a little back the front Wolfie. Journalists write to impress other Journalists now-a-days, not the public. They have also become `distrusted` sources.

I haven`t bothered trying G+ so I can`t say, but Facebook is not really a good platform for public exposure and serious discussion when compared to blog-sites like WordPress or Blogger as far as I am concerned.

22 06 2012
Wolfie Rankin

Many years ago when I were a cub, teachers used to tell me that no good could come from watching the goggle box. but over the years I watched many wonderful documentaries and learnt a lot, probably more than I did at school.

A fridge can be full of cake and beer, or it can be full of healthy fresh food.

I think it’s more about who is in control of Facebook or G+ rather than the thing itself.

Perhaps you’re right about Journos wanting to impress each other, but then, why not? Photographers like to impress other photographers… because they “get it”… they know cameras and lenses and how hard it would be to take a photo. Your general everyday person would look at a photo and think it’s pretty… which is ok.

But there will always be writers, and there will always be people you can trust.

22 06 2012

No, I wasn`t talking `ownership` of the platform. I was meaning public visibility, this post can be seen by the public and found on search engines, therefore the public can find and read your important post without signing up to wordpress or logging in. I think that gets you more exposure.

On the Journos, impressing each other does not equal giving the public important facts.

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