Moving away from Fossil Fuel

19 06 2012
It’s 1990.
I’m a guy from the future and I’m telling my audience that soon they will have the ability to use the internet on their phones.I hear a few coughs from the audience.

I go on and say they will send photos, taken with their phones and also send short messages to anyone in the world.

“And how much will a phone like that cost?” asks an audience member.

“About $1000” I reply.

People are clearly not convinced.

You see, they only know what they have, they don’t see what could be, and even those who think I might be right, think it could happen, but perhaps forty years from now.

This is where we are with Petrol, Oil and Gas.

We need to change because our planet, and we, will suffer greatly if we don’t.

If subsidies for fossil fuels went to the Steve Jobs of the green energy sector, then we may be generating our own power, from something which is cheap to buy, durable and… no more electricity bills.

I want my money going to science and research, not to a horse and cart industry which will hurt us and our future.

#endfossilfuelsubsidies   #endfossilfueldependence




3 responses

20 06 2012
kilian francis

W, I have some good news! Some politicians here in the USA have assured me that there’s no need to worry about the environment. It’s just a ploy by left-wingers to scare us into curbing the free market. So sit back, put your feet up, light one up, and drill, baby, drill!

20 06 2012
Wolfie Rankin

Yes, we call those “idiots”

22 06 2012

Yep, `idiots`. But remember Wolfie, we had our own home-grown `idiots`, the John W Howard regime that was, and still is under Mr-Rabbit, so in Love with Coal.

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