Fuck that. (A little tale about censorship)

8 06 2012

A little tale about naughty Aussie radio, which appeals to my sense of humour.

Triple J is the ABCs National Rock FM Station, and they wanted a cool news theme, but everything they tried was a big fat fail.

Eventually someone decided to re-mix the ancient ABC theme called “Majestic Fanfare” (Which has been updated and is still used today by ABC Local stations today).

So an old scratched 78 of the original theme from 1943 was procured, and work on the hipper news theme began.

Now around the time that the new theme was being worked on, there was a rap record called “Fuck the Police”, which had been banned on Aussie radio stations.

This was one of the records sampled for the Triple J News Theme.

The new theme was a hit, and is still used on Triple J today.

Despite “Fuck the Police” being a banned record, tiny bits of it are played on the hour each day on Triple J.





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