Sci Fi Sci

31 05 2012

I’ve come up with an interesting idea for a science series, which is part Sci fi and part factual.

What if you could have Doctor Who (An expert on time) host a show about fossils, travelling back in time, in his TARDIS, to explain how things looked thousands of years ago, giving an insight into the natural history of Earth?

Or Jean-Luc Picard hosting a show about the local planets, from the Enterprise itself?

Now we’ve had actors providing their voice for these sorts of shows before, but never in character. This would not be a voice over job for the actor, but a chance for the viewer to accompany the character on a ride through time and space, and learning about real science along the way.

This would be how “Sci Fi Sci” would work.

Obviously this would require film and TV companies getting together and giving their OK , I’m thinking about rights issues, but if done well, it could be quite an exciting, and entertaining documentary series.

“Sci Fi Sci” (c) Wolfie Rankin 2012 – All Rights Reserved





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31 05 2012

I go along with this and am prepared to back anything that actually gets people to stop, listen and learn. We used to have shows like this and it’s about time for a revival. I’d prefer Dr Who did it but will go along with what’s best.

Contact me if you need support. I’ll be there.

31 05 2012
Wolfie Rankin


Just to be clear though, The Doctor (one of them) could appear in a single show in the series, not all of them.. though if the character proved popular or if the production crew and everyone involved thought that another show could be done, then why not?

But the main idea would be to pass the baton to a different character with each program in the series.

31 05 2012
Wolfie Rankin

What bothers me lately is this idea that people are becoming anti-science, which is crazy because science has given them everything, and it’s quite sad when people start spruiking about this on the internet, a medium which would simply not exist had it not been for the advance of science.

This idea would be novel and fun, but lets not forget that the two characters I’ve mentioned, although fictional, probably have a large degree of public respectability.


31 05 2012
kilian francis

I’d like to hear The Mighty Chewbacca explain Hawking radiation. Perhaps he is not scientific enough . . . in that case, the scientist from “The Simpsons.”

Seriously, though, that’s a great idea.

1 06 2012
Wolfie Rankin


There’s no reason that Chewy couldn’t be included in this, if George Lucas approved.

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