Sorry Day.

26 05 2012

I always thought Sorry Day was a bit lame.

Yes the Aboriginals were treated poorly, but in those days I don’t think much was fair for anyone, and it’s hard to imagine life being so difficult.

I’m all for saying sorry if I’ve done something wrong, and I’m all for a bully from my school days walking up to me and saying “Mate, I haven’t seen you for years, but have thought of you on and off… I wasn’t very nice to you back then and well, if you’d be kind enough to accept, I’d like to apologise  for the way I acted” I’d accept and that would be that.

But Sorry Day seems to send the message that if you’re white, it was your fault.

Which doesn’t make sense to me.

The ones who caused the problem, are the ones who should apologise, except that they’ve probably karked it already… Leaving people who weren’t at fault, at all.

If the aforementioned bullys Son came to me and said He’d heard I was bullied by his Dad and that he felt ashamed and would like to say Sorry, well… fine, but this kid didn’t cause me any grief, so what’s the point?

And now apparently, we have sorry day EVERY Year?

So let’s say that the aforementioned bully had said he was sorry, and I accepted… then we started chatting, became friends, liked much the same things, I met his family and things were good, and then on Saturday he turns up at my door looking rather sober and when I ask what’s wrong, He says “I just want to say I’m sorry”… “um, what for?” Me wondering if he’d run into my car or something… “For what I did at high school”… “er, what?”

And let us suppose he does this every year from then on?

Don’t you think that’d be a little weird and creepy?

Now I’ve seen times when Mum and Dad would be having a row, and Mum would remember something which literally happened over forty years ago, and nag my poor Dad over that… OK, sometimes Dad did some pretty stupid things, but still, He’d probably said sorry about that many times already.

During the nineties, I had become a new age, crystal wearing hippy, who was into meridians, massage and ch’i energy… but even then I could spot whiney bullshit a mile away, and sorry day, is whiney bullshit.


* Consider my own Aboriginal heritage before you call me a racist.




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26 05 2012

I understand where you`re coming from but it Seems a little mean spirited, it cost nothing and may help some Aboriginals feel better, others not. Stop biting Liberals, you`ll catch rabies.

# Consider my Non Aboriginal heritage before you
call me a soft-cock

26 05 2012
Wolfie Rankin

Perhaps I’m not big on days where people get together and wave a lot of flags and do a lot of loud things together… perhaps I’m too quiet for that.

I do sign a lot of petitions for getup and AVAAZ hoping it’ll do some good, but often feel doubtful.

I think I’d much rather help someone directly… fixing someones computer, changing their lightbulb (I used to do this for an elderly woman fairly regularly).

I’m not against sorry day, I just think it’s a bit lame… plus I think there’s more than a touch of “If you’re white, you’re a horrible person” vibe, and I don’t like that at all, because a lot of people are actually very kind hearted.


26 05 2012

Fair cop, I accept your point. I too am not a fan of noise, crowds or flags. There is another day that gets spoiled and always seems to collide with `idiots-wrapped-in-flags-day`, I think you know the one mean.

26 05 2012
Wolfie Rankin

Oh let’s name names, shall we? Australia Day… Lovely if you’re having a bit of a get together and doing a bit of lamington making with the CWA ladies… But *those* people who wrap themselves in flags, get drunk and start calling everyone a wog is just way out of line.

I’m a bit funny about flags, I don’t really like them much.

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