Thought about Science and Religion.

23 05 2012

I have been wondering what makes a person religious, and push science away, when they could be a perfectly rational person.

And yes, there are various emotional reasons, but…

This occurred to me while I was cooking this evening.

If I want to be religious, and feel included with others (feeling included is a big thing with people) then all I really have to do is walk down the street and walk into a church… it’s not going to cost anything, or much, usually. and it’s fairly hands-on, fairly quickly.

Whereas, I’m not sure where I’d start If I had no internet access… The Library? A Museum? That’d be OK, but how do I become “enabled” within the science community, Meaning meeting people, doing stuff, I don’t really know.

I’d like to see a Church of Science started, where people could just get up one morning and walk down the street and mix with real scientists, ask and discuss the big questions… one on one… much like you’d do with a Priest.

And be given guidance, so that a person could be shown the way, so they could find answers to questions, or even more questions.

Maybe we’ve locked science up too much? could that be it?





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23 05 2012

Interesting idea.
In fact I think the social aspect of the Church is the main thing it still has going for it. Most of the attendees aren’t even true Christians any more. They attend only for the social aspect and a sense of duty but do not really believe in the doctrines, or at least pick and choose the ones that suit them.

23 05 2012
Wolfie Rankin

My Aunt, indeed my Mother too, grew up in very strict times where they were not allowed to go to dances, theatre, the cinema etc… and quite often the only thing left which they were allowed to go to, were church activities, such as a church picnic. I have it much easier.

This was 1930s Australia.

23 05 2012

Yep I am from Melbourne also. My mum told me about the Church dances out in country Victoria and she wasn’t even that religious.
Social freedom nowdays would be so unrealistic only 2 -3 generations ago.

26 05 2012

Science is not really Locked up. It is drowned out by white-noise produced by the embedded media and Lobbyists though. While not like a church in every suburb or town, there is several science and technology expo`s per year. Online the conversation website will probably be the best to watch for expo dates. Hope that helps.

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