When you’re grown up.

22 05 2012

I remember what it was like when I was growing up, there were these points where I was simultaneously told that I was either grown up, a teen or just a kid… and I found this quite frustrating.

At about Thirteen, or there about, You can no longer get half price tickets at the cinema, or have a feed at a restaurant for half price. Although there were many times that I pretended I was younger, and I could get away with this since I didn’t really grow till later on.

In Australia there’s a bit of time before you reach the legal age of eighteen where you can drive cars, drink booze and look at porn, hopefully not at the same time, but until then, we wade through a series of confusing comments.

“Why don’t you behave like the young adult you are?”

“Oh no, He’s just a kid (at 17) I hope he’s going to be ok”

So what are we at this age, Grown up or a child?

I have heard about some tribal rituals where the boys are all trotted out at a certain age and something happens, I’ve heard of a tribe of Aboriginals who give boys tattoos.

And after that, they’re declared Adults.

I used to scoff at this, but then, it’s quite handy when you think about it.







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