Believe, is a very dangerous word

21 05 2012

If there’s a word which needs to be eradicated from the English Language, it’s the word “Believe”, because it’s generally ignorant and highly dangerous.

It’s used by people who are either too lazy, or too stupid to look at facts.

Believers, think

That NASA never did put Men on the Moon

That Climate Change isn’t happening

That Obama is Kenyan

That The Earth is flat

That Homeopathy works

That Non-Natural products are dangerous (Even when Snake Venom is perfectly natural)

That Vaccines do more harm than good, and will hurt Children more than Measles or Whooping cough.

There’s some sort of God in the Sky

And all this, quite honestly, frightens me.

If it doesn’t frighten you, then quite clearly you’re part of the problem.




6 responses

21 05 2012

It’s not the word but the people (mis-)using the word that are dangerous IMHO

21 05 2012
Wolfie Rankin

If I believe a dog is a cat, it doesn’t make me right, and I fail to see how else it could be used.

21 05 2012

In every other avenue of life, except maybe politics, you need agreed-upon standards of evidence to support your claims. Religion seems to revel in the fact that it does not need evidence. “It’s belief!” Fine, whatever. Call it what you will. But it’s not evidence. It does not describe how the world works. I try to get students to see the difference between evidence-based claims and belief, but they often see the two as the same. I’m not a mathematical-type person at all, but even arguments about poetry require a rational (cause-effect, if-then, etc.) use of evidence.

However, sometimes there are good looking women at Mass, so if you absolutely have to go, scope the place out for a bit and then take a seat behind one of the best looking women you can find. (Or, if you are a woman, find a man with nice buns. Or, if you’re gay . . . etc.) Yes, what I said is sexist and overall I am not as mature as I might be, but, Gentle Reader, you try staying awake at a Catholic Mass. Go sit through a Mass before you cast stones.

21 05 2012
Wolfie Rankin

I was not “blessed” with the religious gene, if there is such a thing. Hated Church, what a way to ruin a perfectly reasonable day.

23 05 2012

Revealed religion is the domain of the ignorant.
But some religions rely on reason and not blind faith.
The problem arises when for faith requires you to suspend reason. Sadly these are the most powerful ones.

So I agree it is the misuse of “belief” that is the problem, as through the study o facts and carefull thought and reason, then belief can be achieved.

“If I hit my thumb with a hammer I believe it will hurt” I know this because I have knowledge from my lifes experiences that informs me so.

23 05 2012
Wolfie Rankin

If you hit your thumb with a hammer of a particular weight and which travels at a particular velocity, that’s Physics.

Physics hurts.

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