Chicken Poi

14 05 2012

There’s a certain kind of Aussie accent which causes people to say words like Pie as Poi… So yes, it’s Pie.

I have been under pressure from at least one of my Twitter followers to release he recipe for the Poi, after uploading photos of it here and there.

It’s a bit fiddly, but I can make it on one day in the week and slice it up into about six parts and that means I get quite a few meals out of it, which is very handy if you’re single and in a bit of a rush most of the time, it’s also a lot nicer than pre-packaged food.

You should note that there was an original recipe which I started with, which is available on the Burkes Backyard website, under “Fact Sheets” (Be warned “Burkes Backyard” is two things online, an Aussie TV show (Correct) or a pr0n site (avoid)). BUT I modified it because I’m a lazy bastard and I don’t want to roll my own pastry or fry my own chicken.

So, Here’s what you’ll need.

A baking tray, a good sized one that you could do a nice roast in. (now everything I list is *roughly* not *exactly*… have a fiddle around with things and you’ll be fine.

Baking Paper.

Pampas ready rolled puff pastry, I generally have some left over so I wrap up some sausages and cook those in the oven.

Campbells stock, or your own… about 2 cups worth.

Flour… It should be plain, but I had self raising, it won’t kill you if you use the wrong sort.

Butter, Yes, actual butter… not margarine, that’s shit.

One whole roasted chook, Yes you could cook your own chook, I don’t care… Americans, Chook is Aussie slang for Chicken. This chook should preferably be stuffed, with stuffing.

Vegetables… Anything will do, I use a collection of corn, peas, broccolini, carrots, celery… fresh or frozen, nobody cares. use whatever you’ve got.

Sesame seeds for the top of the pastry.

Line your baking dish with baking paper, then line the dish with pastry, join it up as best you can with not much overlap, but leave an inch or two hanging over the pan.

Stick this as it is into the oven to cook… a little… it will puff up… yes you can use other types of pastry, I just use this, it might be wrong but I don’t care. there are apparently little stones that you can use to weigh down pastry so it behaves, or uncooked rice, I think… But I don’t bother… just watch it so it doesn’t puff all over the place, remove it from the oven if it does.

Get a saucepan and put the stock into it, add about two tablespoons of flour… A friend was surprised once when he cooked here and asked for a tablespoon and expected a plastic measuring thing… I handed him an ancient, metal, table spoon.

Add a knob of butter and stir.

A tip from my Mum is this, when you make custard you stir and stir, making sure that the spoon is scraping anything off the bottom, or you’ll get lumps. Well the same is true for this so DO NOT stop stirring for anything. The moment you stop… LUMPS.

Not that it really matters, but still.

When it looks a bit like condensed soup, it’d done… remove it from the heat.

Right, pull the dish out of the oven, the pastry should be more or less cooked, sort of.

Take your  fresh and frozen veggies and dump about half a cup of each INTO the sauce you just made, and give it a good stir up so that it’s all combined.

Get the chook and begin doing the most terrible things to it’s body, put bits of meat evenly on the bottom of the pie, then cover with the sauce… save the bones for the cat (and save a bit of meat for the dog… don’t give chicken bones to dogs unless you want a hefty vet bill).

Use the skin and the stuffing, The stuffing saves you from having to muck around with herbs and spices. and the skin may have marinade or something on it… so use all of it.

Then cover the pie with the remaining sheets of pastry, brush with some milk, and sprinkle poppy seeds on top.

Bake at about 180c until it looks done… 30mins?

Then take it out and serve.

Credit to Deb for showing me that I could use a whole roast chicken if I wanted to, rather than fry up chicken pieces myself… and also to use baking paper instead of greasing the pan, which cut down on a lot of washing.

Wolfie! (Hoping I haven’t forgotten something, but I think that’s it)




One response

17 05 2012
Wolfie Rankin

oops, I said “poppy seeds” towards the end… but that’s ok, you can use whatever you have.

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