One plus One

13 05 2012

It doesn’t add up…

Some people say that a child, if He or She is to be bought up well, Should have both a Mother and a Father.

This is their argument against Gay partners with kids.

So what happens if you have a situation where there was a very loving heterosexual relationship, but something terrible happened to one of the parents, resulting in their death, and one parent is left to bring up the child?

Or if there had been a divorce, or one parent simply walked out?

Or If one or both of the parents had been abusive?

it’s simply not always possible for the child to have a Mother and a Father. and It’s very convenient for those against Same Sex Marriage, to ignore these circumstances, isn’t it?




One response

13 05 2012

Consider a counter argument: heterosexuals are unfit parents since since they keep producing gay kids. I’m sure we can find data to support that!

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