24 hour Music Video concept for ABC iview.

7 05 2012

I have an idea where we could use iview to deliver a 24hr a day, live music service, much like a radio station would, except of course with video.

Music content to be streamed 24 hours a day, by VJs who remain at home and run their shows from there, there would be no travel involved except for ABC technicians who look after the computers at Ultimo.

A list of VJs would be chosen by ABC to run the service.

VJs would be given “Admin” status where they could access a list of songs, which could be selected “live” and played on iview within seconds of selection. This would also allow requests to be taken (via Twitter).

Note: All videos would be stored on the computer at, say, Ultimo… Never on the VJs own computer.

During the experimental phase VJs would not be heard or seen, they would only affect what is screened.

At a later point, VJs who had the most viewers or were the most productive could be elevated (if they wished) to a format where they would be seen and or heard,

I am currently experimenting with VJing via Twitter using YouTube, but this has it’s faults where it asks viewers to keep clicking on links… leaving the program to simply “roll” would be better.

Users can already choose to watch videos from youtube on their own, but the point of a VJ is to *find* songs for the viewer, much like a normal radio DJ would research their music and produce an interesting show for the listener. (Search #RadioWolf on Twitter).

A skilled VJ should develop their own style and flavour of music.

Styles should be left to the VJ but it would be nice to see a wide range of programs produced…Rock, Pop, Retro, Jazz, Country, Indigenous etc.

VJs would have a standard shift, like regular DJs, but could produce programs in advance, leaving the ABC computer to do the work… A VJ who has a dentist appointment at the time of their show, could run a pre-programmed show they’ve put together the night before.

VJs could add live text to the screen, which takes the form of trivia, tour dates etc.

VJs would have to be subject to all ABC broadcasting rules.


Update: I Think this would be good for people like myself who are stuck at home because of a disability, (or even distance) but have a wide knowledge of music, and a good understanding of how to use their computer and the internet. and wish to provide something useful to the community.

New bands could submit videos to ABC for review and inclusion on the file system.

Basic idea of how it would probably work from the VJs viewpoint.

The VJ would have set up a page, with details about themselves and their program, Promotional art for the program and an avatar could be uploaded.

They could then search for videos on the system, which if  found, they could then drag onto a playlist.

The computer would keep a record of which files were  chosen for a show, this would help the VJ locate popular videos faster but also allow an auto-generated program to begin should the VJ be unexpectedly unavailable… so there’s no dead-air. or if the VJs computer crashed, power or internet failed.

During the show, the VJ could watch responses via the Twitter feed and play requests for listeners, If they are half way through a show and receive a request, all they need to do is drag and drop a video into the playlist ahead of the song which is playing.

Towards the end of a show, the computer would work out if there is enough time to play another video from that VJs playlist… if there isn’t enough time then it will play ABC Promos so that the next VJ will start, bang, on the hour. (at least that’s one way to do it, I think)

The avatar would appear on the bottom left of the iview screen during play, along with the name of the show, this would fade or slide to the side so that the name of the band and song title could be displayed. The ABC logo would always be on the bottom right as with other programs.



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