Thoughts about Anxiety

6 05 2012

I have suffered from anxiety for many years, and have had “tummy troubles” too.

Years later I was found to have bowel cancer, and after treatment, I recovered and was fine.

I have a theory about anxiety, and I thought that perhaps you’d like to hear it, and if you have anxiety too, perhaps you could comment and let me know if I’m on to something.

The doctor and a psychologist I had, asked me what I thought might bring panic attacks on, and I had no answer. I always felt safe at home, and especially if I could get into bed, I’d be fine. (a motel bed would have been fine too). although a bright sunny day was often a problem too.

Here’s my idea.

What if, it’s physical?

What if my innards felt a certain way, because perhaps I was slightly sick, constipated, etc and the feeling was much the same as “Butterflies in the stomach”… and then the brain kicks in and goes “Hey, you must be frightened of something” and so it ups your adrenaline accordingly, so then your heart rate goes up and bingo… panic attack!


And what I forgot to add to the post was this… When I feel the anxiety lessen, it is almost always accompanied by a burp. Once the burp happens, I know it’s over and I’ll be ok.




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6 05 2012
Tracey Lee Baglin (@traceyb65)

why not? anxiety has recently joined our family and, like you, i am seeking better answers than the vague maybes the profession has offered me. personally, i believe i have an over-active/sensitive adrenal gland that overreacts to stimulus that would barely raise an eyebrow in others. whether that tracks back to an over-reactive/sensitive nervous system, cause or effect, is another question i ask myself … xt

6 05 2012
Cheryl Fehlberg

Pointing out that while not having medical expertise, I am inclined to think that your theory is a possibility. It appears that the psychological society has uncovered many theories on how your thinking affects the psyche, I find it highly likely and, in fact plausible, that the reverse is also true. I am quite sure that physical symptoms can cause seemingly psychological problems.

6 05 2012

I agree Wolfie, but what comes first? Does the tummy cause the panic or does the panic upset the tummy? Is our body trying to tell us something? I have had bad stomach problems for 10+ years and mild anxiety with depression. Only now have they discovered that I actually have something wrong and that it is not in my head. Still I ask; what came first? I don’t know.

Certainly being told there is nothing wrong when you’re sure there is, can’t do much for self esteem.

My psych said that he believes, in most cases the patient is right and there is something physically wrong. Doctors who ignore this are not good doctors and we should seek another opinion.

7 05 2012

it’s definitely part physical. in certain instances, I have “tummy trouble,” too–like, for instance, when i go to the library. it’s an old guilt reflex–that is, rather than being in the library, i should be out playing sports, not sitting in some dork hangout. then there is also the pain of panic as the chemical shoot through your body–sometimes burning, sometimes tightening your chest. i think we have an anxiety gland somewhere in our chest–and if we do, mine has been infected and bloated for years. (i suggested this to a doctor, facetiously, and she started feeling my chest, as if she were looking for one.)

7 05 2012
Wolfie Rankin

The doc did the right thing, it may not have been an anxiety gland, but a lump of something else… just checking.
I don’t get the burning, but I sometimes feel as if my throat is closing up on me, it lasts for a few days and then
simply goes away.

7 05 2012

actually there are certain medical conditions (particularly cancers) that can start out feeling like anxiety or panic attacks

18 05 2012

I still think I have an anxiety gland or organ. I might be the first in history to have one (unless they come in pairs, which would mean I have two; in that case, I’d be happy to donate one for $10,000).

18 05 2012


7 05 2012

not sure how common they are though but good you got checked out fully.

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