3 05 2012

I’ve noticed that when I’m at a point where I’m beginning to doze off at night, that I experience something quite strange.

And I’ve called them “dreamlets”

Although quite aware that I’m in bed, in my bedroom, with a pillow under my head and a warm doona over me, and also that my dog, Katie, is snoring away… I begin having a dream which isn’t quite the same as a normal dream.

I can see formed images, usually geometric shapes, something like a puzzle game, which I can sort of look at and play with… these are not “Phos” which is the strange patterns most of us notice when we’re in a dark room sometimes.

These dreamlets are not as clear as normal dreams which I have when I’m really asleep, they tend to be a bit fuzzy (low res) and don’t have a lot of colour. They also seem to be more in my central vision… It’s a lot like looking at an “8-bit” game on an iPhone.

I should add that I haven’t been sleeping well lately, I can’t say i’ve seen these before and feel that I’m entering a very light sleeping patten where I’m not all the way out.

Still, it’s very interesting to see how my brain works as it’s slowing off for the night.





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