Plugging into the brain

5 03 2012

It’s a concept which has been a part of science fiction for a long time, but it has made me wonder lately if it might be possible.

That if there is a place, a port, on the head which might connect with the brain, to input audio or visual data… not only so the blind could see or the deaf might hear, but also for entertainment purposes. Imagine having the purest stereo sound entering your head, which completely bypasses your ears. You could have it as loud as you liked, but nobody would hear it and as a bonus, it would never damage your hearing.

Visually, it could give you direct information such as directions, without the need to operate and look at a screen, You would never need to take your eyes off the road.

And as for movies, it would be like having the biggest screen imaginable.

Fine, it’s a nice dream, but let’s be practical.

The brain is supposed to be highly adaptable, so what if a port could be grown?

What if, for instance, you could wear a device which had a slight charge or vibration, on a particular place on the skull, the charge or vibration would match the frequency of music… and although you couldn’t hear the music now… what if after so many months, your brain began to register the slight buzz or tingle as audio data?

Yes, it probably wouldn’t work, and if it did, what if your brain chose to interpret the input as visual data or pain?

I’m just the dreamer of the dream, but when a scientist starts to consider the possibility too, things can change from dream, into reality.

In the 80’s we didn’t have phones that could slip into our pockets, at the time it was quite impossible, and yet similar devices were seen in Star Trek or 2001 a Space Odyssey.

So is this idea possible?





One response

5 03 2012

Yes, most definitely. While ever we have the ability to dream, anything is possible.

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