Hate Science?

25 02 2012

Hate science, and deny everything scientific?

Ok, Do this for me.

Switch off the computer you’re using, if you hate science, you shouldn’t be using a machine made by scientists, Then go into your lounge-room and get rid of your television, your DVD player, and your game consoles… all of which were developed from scientific ideas.

Don’t forget your mobile phone, mp3 player, radio and even the phone wired to your wall… you won’t want any of these.

Then go to your cupboard and throw away all your canned food, yes, your beer too, your instant coffee and whatever else you may find in there.

Then throw out your microwave and your fridge, both function on disgusting scientific principles, so you won’t be wanting those.

Then disconnect yourself from the power grid because, oh yes, more of that awful science.

Then leave your house because, oh no… the wood and the paint and oh dear, geeze that science stuff is everywhere isn’t it?

Get into your car… oh wait… sorry… um, put your shoes…. oh wait… remove all your clothing and walk to a cave and just try to survive there… I’m afraid you won’t be seeing a doctor anymore either, as medicine is completely science based.

No, you can’t take matches for a fire, sorry.

Now tell me…

Would you tell your doctor he’s lying after finding a tumour in your body with a CT scanner?

Would you expect  milk to go off after a day in your fridge because refrigeration is clearly a lie?

You know full well that all of the above works, so how can you deny science and embrace religion…

and somehow manage to feel that climate change is a lie?




2 responses

25 02 2012

Not everything is science based. Way back when people were still living in caves, they made clothing – from animals. They knew how to hunt and used herbs quite regularly to stave off sickness. They didn’t need fridges, they dug deep holes in the back of their caves and stored food there. When the ground was cold in autumn and winter, it kept the food frozen for them.

they used stone to make fire. They learnt all of this without the aid of science. Science has gotten what they know from the ancient people that came before us.

25 02 2012
Wolfie Rankin

But this path they took was of gaining knowledge, they learnt how to grow food, how to treat skins so they didn’t rot and could be used, how to make fire, and probably realised that cooked food was rather good after finding things after a fire had been through.

All science is, is the gaining of more knowledge, and it should be encouraged so that we can advance further, not be told that everything is fine and if we sit around and pray then some invisible sky being will take care of everything, it’s not so.

Facts and reasoning.

This forest fire cooked this chicken, it tastes good… I’ll make a fire and cook a chicken… result, this works.


I’ll pray to a god to send me more roast chicken… Fail.

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