The Rifters

21 02 2012

I have an idea for a sci-fi novel, but as usual with all these ideas for stories I get, it will never be written as I have the attention span of a gnat.

However I will put the idea out there, so perhaps the idea will find its way to the author it was intended for, who will love it and bring it to fruition.

The story is called “The Rifters” You’re psychic? Oh you read the title, yes I see that now.

It takes place in the here and now, 2012, and it happens to ordinary people.

People who died, years ago, start turning up… no, they’re not zombies, they’re completely normal people, Brothers, Sisters, Mums and Dads, who by no fault of their own, start re-appearing today.

Now there was an explanation, and revealing it won’t spoil the story, as the experience of the story is about how people cope with each other.

The explanation is that there was a split in time, or a rift… a fork in the road… people went in two directions, and we saw one direction… they lived with us, they grew old, and they died… or they had accidents, died in wars or of diseases when young.

But suddenly the part which split, has appeared here.

The split seemed to occur in the 80’s, and as far as they’re concerned, it’s still the 80’s… but family are older, technology has changed, money doesn’t go as far as it did.

How do people here cope with it?

Are we glad to see our long-lost loved ones? or are we suspicious that something horrible is happening? Perhaps it’s an invasion, perhaps they’re copies, perhaps none of it is real.

Ordinary people suddenly find themselves facing Riftism from some members of society, perhaps some of those have never experienced racism or sexism before, so it would come as quite a shock.

What would you do? Take your family back or view them with suspicion?


“The Rifters” Concept (c) Wolfie Rankin, 2012.




One response

22 02 2012
Jonathan Brisby (@JonathanBrisby)

The Rifters is agood idea in sci-fi novel,AngeltheGuepard help with one History “The Catxia World”. other furry world many ages visit Australia in a
Space Ship called Space Cruise Albatross. But you History is good one skill
to write one concep.

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