My spotty condition

4 02 2012

I would like to find a doctor, who knows about, or even another person who experiences this bizarre condition I have.

I have tried to explain it to people for years but they always misunderstand, However I did find one other person with the condition, once, who knew exactly how it plays out.

The weird symptoms began when I was in my teens.

A spot would form in my vision, usually in one eye. It could be of almost any size and depending on where it was, could interfere with my vision (reading etc).

Yes I’ve mentioned this to doctors over the years, The word “Floater” has a habit of popping up… but this is no floater.

A floater is defined as a particle floating around inside the eye, this is more “electrical” and if it has nothing to do with the eyes, then it most likely takes place in the brain.

Think about having your photo taken, with a camera which has a flash, or if you’re out walking and a car windscreen flashes the sun into your eyes, for a moment there’s a spot.

That’s what I see, usually a red mark, sometimes with a blue, almost sparkly tinge to the centre of it.

And I found out what causes it, even if I have no name for it.

My Bowels.

If I see the spot, it means that I have to go to the toilet. 

And generally, the moment that I pass what needs to be passed, the spot begins to fade and vanish.

The fellow I met said he saw an odd blue shape in his eyes (mine are sometimes blue), He called them the “Blue Fugees” and I’d call them my “Go to the toilet spots”.

He didn’t know about the toilet thing, and I never found out whether the cause was the same for him as it was for me.

We joked that it was a bit like a personal HUD, and it is… Often I will get the spot before I feel any urge to go to the toilet, of any kind. Often I’ll feel the spot is just being a nuisance, but if I go to the toilet, I will always find that I did indeed need “to go” after all.

It doesn’t hurt me, there are no lasting effects from this, I’ve been experiencing this since high school and am now 46 (It doesn’t happen as often now).

Does anyone have any ideas?





2 responses

4 02 2012

Interesting post. This will most likely get into TMI stuff, but…Does your bladder feel the need to “go” when you need to?

Maybe it’s just the way your body works and it’s the only way it can let you know?

Also, Katie is adorable. I stal..umm, follow you on Twitter, but I’m set to private – just wanted you to know that she is full of squeee ^_^

4 02 2012
Wolfie Rankin

Thanks for letting me know that you follow me on twitter, and that you love Katie too 🙂

I don’t feel that anything is TMI, unless you’re a captive audience and can’t get up and leave, I think things should be spoken about, especially medical things, as there are probably doctors and researchers out there who just don’t know, and probably should.

And there are probably others out there with this condition… now as I said, it’s harmless, however, I can imagine a teenager having it for the first time and freaking out because they think they’re going blind… not that a person with a sudden onset of visual problems shouldn’t get medical assistance immediately, there are some conditions which require immediate help.

But once you have confirmed the problem is the same as mine, then there’s no trouble.

I remember my first migraine headache and it completely freaked me out.

My bladder doesn’t appear to be a part of the condition, just my bowel.

A friend suggested that I may have some signals being confused for other things in my brain, so that rather than get the typical feeling in my belly that I should go, perhaps there is a visual effect instead.

It may also be a form of synesthesia, which again, is harmless.

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