My Freaky TMI idea about Furries from Space.

4 02 2012

As Kenny Everett used to say “This show contains Naughty Bits” so be warned.

I don’t know about you, but when I see a cartoon character and they’re not wearing pants… and also lack genitals, well, I find that a bit odd.

It’s not that the cartoonist couldn’t add them, Furries add them all the time with no trouble at all. No the problem lies with society and their warped views on sex.

It’s fine to have people being shot in every other tv show, but show a dick and oh dear, the entire world falls in.

Over on you youtube page, I have a deleted clip from Rockos Modern Life, Which shows a farmer (who apparently can’t see all that well) putting a milking machine on Heffer (Who’s a male bullock or steer) As the machine (hidden from view) pumps away, our hero, quite confused, stands there “ohhhing” until finally his eyes get stars in them and he falls over backwards with a gigantic smile on his face.

Honestly, the people who wrote back saying “This destroyed my childhood”

What if society thought noses were weird or wrong or offensive, rather than genitals, and we all had to wear nose bras, and were deeply ashamed to sneeze in public?

There’s nothing wrong with the parts, they’re just bits of our body.

I had a volunteer position at the Melbourne Zoo years ago, and thought that it was funny that people didn’t mind their kids seeing the animals mating… or just having a wank in the corner, as animals do… but if humans were found making love in the park? hrmmm, I wonder.

Personally I’d just step over them and leave them alone.

OK, so my weird idea, the “meat and potatoes” of this post, uhem…

Sometimes Furry artists don’t want to draw pants on their characters, nor do they want to draw the genitals BUT sometimes they draw a bulge, almost as though the character were wearing a living skin?

Well why not?

There could be an alien being out there in the depths of space which has that sort of body, couldn’t there?

Think of it, a living fursuit, which cannot be removed, but isn’t really attached, except perhaps for the skin around the hands and face.

But in the groin, there is a kind of pouch, where all the goods are kept, and somehow this is quite functional and useable to the species.

The access hole (not to be confused with the other “A” Hole) is also completely hidden, and perhaps can’t even open unless the creature wishes to mate.





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4 02 2012

I seem to recall a story that played with an idea somewhat along these lines. The name of it escapes me at the moment, but it involved a space salvage worker finding an abandoned space station, where he discovers a canister which contained a living goo (bacteria, IIRC) which formed a living space suit.

It was NSFW, and got into all the naughty goodness from there… but that part of the story was well thought out, I thought.

4 02 2012
Wolfie Rankin

I saw, and downloaded, a picture of a bull like character, I think, who was wearing something like that.

The clothes come in a capsule and simply spread over the body, keeping the wearer clean, warm and dry.

Something like that should be amazingly comfortable to wear.

Perhaps my idea is an extension of that, where the substance also grows fur and allows the wearer to look like, well, animals.

Although I was thinking more along the lines of a species which simply evolved this way.

But either way, a nice dream.


5 02 2012
Jonathan Brisby (@JonathanBrisby)

All Catxia Members world not use Pants it’s a my own Furry world,created in 1994 in Mexico;one a part of my Family is from London,but this furry creature
is anthropomorphic creatures / mixing human and animal genetic.

Someone in Mexico has created animals that have their own world.this like furries from space calling Catxia.

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