My own personal war on religion.

3 02 2012

My Mum was bought up in the Salvos (Protestant), She was the kind of Christian who didn’t talk about her faith much, but for a while She was a Sunday School teacher but didn’t go to church much… perhaps not so much after She was married anyway.

She knew, and loved, many of the Hymns.

She used to get upset with me when even as a child, I had none of this belief in a higher power. Apparently I was like my Father (When I wasn’t as good as Mum wanted me to be) I was a “Bloody Heathen” like Him.

Dad thought the Bible was basically “A big fish story”.

It wasn’t often that Mum admitted to doubts, However She told me how her boyfriend had disappeared during the War, and how she prayed and prayed for his return… He never did, He was a prisoner on a Japanese vessel which was torpedoed by the Americans.

Years later I too began to pray, for those I cared about.

When my dog became sick, I prayed, but He died anyway.

I prayed for My Dad, but he died too.

I prayed for others too, but lost them.

Finally I got cancer myself, my prayers became anger, and nights were spent cursing God and all his cohorts with all the swear words I could muster.

Eventually, something snapped, I had never really been a believer, but I asked myself “If God doesn’t exist, then why am I swearing at it?”

Suddenly I was a real Atheist, and I think I was happy that I’d arrived at a place where I felt completely firm in my conviction.

I found that my anger didn’t subside, but I didn’t really realise what I had done until just recently.

My anger had continued, but was now aimed at believers and those who push religion, especially on children.

Religion divides people, it makes people feel like freaks, or outsiders. It fills them with guilt and shame… some of these people take their lives as a result of believers words and actions.

It devalues lives.

I no longer accept religion, I don’t think that a person who is a believer is “such a good person” as I was bought up to, I think “What a twat”.

You may think you’re great, you may think you’re doing the world a favour by holding back science and allowing your kids to think in stone-age ideas, but you’re really just a vandal to any thinking outside of your “special book”.

I’m no longer giving them an inch, If they’re religious, I shut them out…
I say goodbye…
I don’t need them.

What cancer needed was a cure, not a prayer… if God was so mighty then why the fuck did I have it in the first place? and not just me, but others too?

There are people out there who may read this and think physical violence might be a good idea, it isn’t, religious people have fought wars for centuries, and where has it got any of us?

There are better ways to fight, and I will be doing so until the day I die, in my own fashion.





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