The matter of meat

1 02 2012

If you’re a meat eater, then having a dog poses no problems, but if you’re not… it’s awkward.

I can’t class myself as Vegetarian, but if you look in my freezer, you’ll find some chicken and some mince, the latter is what I use for pasta sauce… There are no steaks or sausages, I simply don’t like meat all that much.

I have found myself wondering, when it comes to being a dog owner, that while I shower my animals with as much love and care that I can give, that some equally lovely creature is going to the abattoir.

So what do those of us who worry about that, do?

We can’t force vegetarianism on our cats or dogs, thousands of years of evolution have seen to that.

While we can deal with fruit and vegetables thanks to our specialised innards, or Dogs and Cats cannot do it so well.

However, there are things which can be given to limit meat intake.

We bought Benny, our last Malamute from an Italian fellow and his Aussie Wife, Who bred Alaskan Malamutes, and it was He who suggested spaghetti bolognaise as dog food, it works too, dogs generally love it.

In fact there are Wolves in Italy who the locals call “Pasta Wolves”, They come down from the mountains and cruise through the lanes of Italy, and raid bins containing whatever the restaurants have tossed out.

I wouldn’t feed a dog on Pasta every night, but it’s a help once or twice a week, and as for meat, there may only be about a spoonful of meat in a full meal.

Benny used to love his spaghetti, We’d feed him on the verandah, where he’d drag strings of it all over the place, to the amusement of passers by.

Katie taught me something new, She had been running loose in the country, and was found by a Vet, I got Katie from Her… Thanks to a friend who delivered Her to me.

I couldn’t know how such a big dog had been surviving on her own, although I heard that she had been begging for food from soldiers.

So whenever I had any take-away, She would always want some… this included Dim Sims, which I wouldn’t have thought any dog would like.

Katies eyes would grow large when she saw me with eggs, she craves eggs, and so I soon learnt to give her a raw one with her food, or a boiled one.

Do remember that when Dogs are in the wild, they will eat fur too, it’s their version of fibre… we can’t  give our dogs anything like that, if we live in a city situation, as we do here… but things like grated carrot has much the same effect.

Are you a vegetarian who also owns a dog? 

How do you deal with it?

Please drop a comment in the box below.






4 responses

1 02 2012
Jayne @ Non Domestik Goddess

I eat predominantly vegetarian for ethical reasons, and I’m a cat owner. I had a dog who sadly passed away last year. I’ve never tried to make my pets vego (impossible with cats!) although as you say, dogs are not solely carnivorous, so you can easily incorporate lots of

1 02 2012
Jayne @ Non Domestik Goddess

(cont, sorry comment field doesn’t like my iPad) veges, grains etc into a dog’s diet. I know vegans who feed their dogs vegan dog food-honestly not sure how I feel about that. Dogs are naturally carnivores/omnivores so a solely vegan diet is unnatural-then again, so is eating mass produced commercial factory farm style meat :/ Great topic, definitely ‘food for thought’ 🙂

1 02 2012
Wolfie Rankin

Thanks Jayne, I mainly shop in the local supermarket. but have found some meatballs in a clear pack, sold in the fridge. I think they’re quite good, in fact they smell perfectly edible. They have grains and vegetables in them too. Katie really likes them. I do try to buy the good stuff for my animals where possible. What was highly recommended to me via a breeder, for those in Melbourne, there is apparently a person at the Vic Market who sells something fishy for dogs which apparently the Malamutes love… tricky for me to get to, otherwise I would have tried it myself and would’ve known more about it.

1 02 2012
Bridgesburning Chris King

Interesting thought…I am not veg but never considered what it would be like to have pets if I was!

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