The online Tip Jar.

30 01 2012

Let’s say that there’s a photographer who you like on Flickr, they take some wonderful photos and you visit them regularly to see what they’ve contributed.

It would be nice to support them, by donating a small about of money to them.

What if sites like Flickr, Photobucket or 500px had a tip jar?

So, You’re looking at a photo that you particularly like, and there’s a little tip jar icon there, which you could click, and pay the person about five cents.

The idea would be to use micro payments, much like people use in Second Life.

The problem with New Media, is that there’s a lot of good stuff which people produce for free, because they love to do so, and I’m the same.

But doing everything for free really isn’t helping.

In order to keep producing work, we need money for computers, cameras, software, our ISP, and other essentials.

I wouldn’t want to see a situation where people were forced to pay, such as a pay wall, because I feel that if people don’t want to pay, then they shouldn’t have to.

But an online tip jar, for people who would like to drop a few coins in, could be rather sweet.

It could be used on many sites, including Flicker, WordPress, Youtube. 

It was always nice to hear coins clinking into my own account on Second Life, Why can’t the idea be taken further?

And can someone who isn’t PayPal be involved with this?





3 responses

30 01 2012

Completely agree, I’ll repost my thoughts on this on my blog. I’ll post the link when I’m done.

In a way blogging, podcasts, YouTube, even posting on G+ or Facebook is purely because you enjoy entertaining others. If you do that on a street it’s called busking and you can collect some spare change.

I’m in the middle of writing and filming for a YouTube show and it’s cost me about AU$1000 so far just for a very amateur setup, being able to show your appreciation by giving a few cents on the side of the video would be great.

30 01 2012
Wolfie Rankin

Yes, it’s just like busking… nobody has to pay for the entertainment, but can if they wish to support an artist.

30 01 2012

I’ve linked this post, thanks for another good post, especially since this was an idea-provoking one!

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