Thinking about Food

19 01 2012

Each year I buy lots of food, and although I eat a lot of it, I find that I throw out a lot of it too. I think that’s probably true for a lot of us.

Food often gets pushed to the back of the cupboard, the deep freezer or the crisper and is simply forgotten, though I think it’s often to do with not realising that if I added this to that, and that, and that… That I would have a reasonable evening meal.

I’m a fairly good cook, but lack the nous to see separate ingredients could make something quick and tasty.

So I thought that perhaps there could be a sort of webpage where I type in all your items and then it comes up with recipes for me, or if I haven’t quite got enough it will advise me to buy a couple more items in order to make the meal.

Then I thought that would take too long, and nobody would want to do it.

Then I considered scanning the barcodes with my phone, and getting the list of my items into the database that way…but again it’d take quite a while to do.

So how is this?

You’re at Coles checkout,  where your items are scanned and you get a docket, the docket would have a number on it, which could be typed into a third party website, let’s call it “Pantry” for instance.

The Pantry site asks you to log in, then asks for your docket number and asks you to choose the shop that you went to… Coles, Franklins, Big W, Foodmaster etc.

This accesses the computer at that shop and finds the list of what you bought.

So now the Pantry site knows exactly what you’ve bought, and it only took about five minutes of your time.

Of course we sometimes run to the milk bar and buy some milk and bread, or our neighbour gives us some fruit or eggs.  There’s no docket for those, so you can just add those in manually.

Then you can access the Pantry recipe page and it will show you all the things that you can make tonight, because it only shows you recipes that use the ingredients which you already have.

The recipes could be sent in by yourself and other users, and given a score by people who have tried them, a bit like ratings points on youtube, with comments, good and bad.

Users could receive points, badges, discounts at certain shops for contributing.

I am sure there are pages like this… but to have one which knows every ingredient you have in the house could be particularly useful.

Comments please?





2 responses

20 01 2012
Bridgesburning Chris King

Now that is a thought. I wonder if you google a bunch of ingredients if it will come up with recipes? Ok now I have to try it!

20 01 2012
Wolfie Rankin

It most likely would, but you’re talking about grabbing a few things which you KNOW is in the kitchen, not the stuff which is forgotten about and pushed to the back of the fridge or cupboard and forgotten. For instance, maybe you bought a can of spam, mostly out of curiosity, but never did anything with it… and a recipe pops up for that… so it’s used and not thrown out. I’m suggesting something which knows each and every food product in your home, not just the few you take time to enter… which you won’t do each week because you have better things to get on with.

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