Giving Thanks

11 12 2011

One of the things I want to accomplish in this lifetime is to give thanks to those who had made me happy for a while, whether they wrote, sang or played music, worked in radio or television, or did something involving film.

This wasn’t possibly before as I feel like I’ve existed in some kind of bubble for most of my life, it was as though people who were on the radio, or the screen, somehow weren’t real.

But in the last few years, thanks to social media, I have had a few opportunities to tell people that they were appreciated and that I was grateful for what they had done.

I adored the music of my teenage years, and would love to meet the artists who created it.

I think it does the heart good to tell someone that they were wanted and needed, both mine and theirs, and to recognise that, even though sometimes one’s life can seem like it’s been an ordeal, that there were special moments too, which improved ones personal life so much.

There’s lots of tea and biscuits, and a comfy chair waiting.

Come and say hello.






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