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10 12 2011

There are so many wankers out there who go on about Social Networking already, and when I stumble on a site about it, I usually stumble away pretty quickly.

But someone said something about Twitter on my timeline which I thought about.. That people who follow, but never talk to you, are creepy.

Well…. maybe, and maybe not.

I used to be in radio years ago, and I think that Twitter has a lot in common with it.

Let me explain.

You are the star of your show, and you feature a panel of interesting people who are always on your show.

These are the same as the people who you always talk to on Twitter, and usually at length.

They will make up a small percentage of your followers.

Then there’s your regular audience, who are mostly there to listen, but once in a while will play a small roll by asking a question or participating in a segment of your show.

These are the people on Twitter who hang back and don’t say much, but once in a while, they’ll see one of your tweets and respond, You may see this person in your stream about once a day at most.

Then there are those who tune in merely to listen, they may never bother to talk to you, but they enjoy your show very much.

These are Twitter users who follow but never join in… unfortunately there’s really no way of knowing why they follow unless they do speak up, and I would rather they did.

If you fall into this category, and are following someone, Give them a shout and a friendly wave, “Hello, I’m Mick from Australia, and I’m following because….”

If they don’t, there’s a chance that they could be blocked, for appearing to be a spammer or some other undesirable, when all They’re doing, is being a good, quiet audience member who just wants to drink their tea in peace and enjoy their favourite show.

These people will generally make up the bulk of your followers.




One response

11 12 2011

Excellent explanation Wolfie.

I probably fall in all categories. It is difficult to pay attention to everyone. The ones who are interesting and do make you want to join the conversation already know they are special. I am a bit shy to join in sometimes because the topic seems to be directed at an audience that does not include me. Then other days I am just too busy to pay attention.

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