Pink Chalk Day

28 11 2011

I had an idea which seems to have gained some approval on social media sites.

It’s called Pink Chalk Day.

The Object is to get some pink chalk and write your support for Gay Marriage on the footpath near where you live, or draw a picture instead if you’re the arty type.

There are lots of people who feel strongly about certain issues, but who would never go to a rally.

I want something that people can do in their own area, which is directed at other locals, rather than politicians… so the average person can see how much support there is for same sex marriage in their town or suburb.

It’s quick and easy, and anyone could join in.

Which isn’t to say that a rally shouldn’t happen, if people wish to gather in a location and extend the idea, then go for it!

If we were to do it, I’d like a date, pertaining to us in this country
(as it is mostly to do with our own politics but of course other countries
could adopt it)

Have you any thoughts?

Please spread the idea around.

The Hashtag on Twitter will be #PinkChalkDay

* The thought right now is if it is the same date as the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras that would probably work well.

Vote up the idea at Getup!





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