All about Voo

20 11 2011

On the way home from a walk with Katie (My Malamute), I heard some kids talking in their front yard.

They were playing cricket, and the boy said to the girl “That’s LBW”.

LBW means Leg Before Wicket, I’m not sure what it means exactly, but I know it’s a kind of foul.

But it wasn’t the game I was beginning to consider, but what was said by the boy.

“That’s El, Bee, Doub-el-ewe” That’s six syllables…
“That’s Leg Be-fore Wic-ket” That’s six also.

An acronym with the letter “W” in it, is fine to type or write, but as it contains three syllables when you say it, it defies the point of an acronym, which is get your point across faster.

Of course we’re all familiar with hearing WWW as “Dou-ble ewe, dou-ble ewe, dou-ble ewe”.

What a mouthful!,

And yes, I know people don’t have to say it anymore, but those less experienced with the internet still do.

This is broken, and needs fixing, don’t you agree?

Yes, we could avoid creating an acronym with “Dou-ble Ewe” in it but perhaps the letter itself needs a new name.

Tampering with the Alphabet is almost criminal in some peoples minds, but… it might not be a formal change, perhaps W simply needs a nickname?

Something which is simple and falls off the tongue easily.

I thought about the shape of the letter, for a start it looks more like a V than a U… right?

And then perhaps the end of the name could reflect the letters original name, so we retain the
“ew” sound.

Leaving us with “Vew”, “Vue” or “Voo”

I must cut this conversation short and run, As I can hear the angry elite coming up the street with their pitchforks and flaming torches.

Ahh nothing changes.





2 responses

20 11 2011

I believe that in French it is double-vee (pron doo-bler-vee), so voo would be a much more acceptable variation than the American zee for zed, which when whispered cannot be distinguished from c.

21 11 2011
Wolfie Rankin

I have heard people say “dub dub dub” for “WWW” but I’m not sure “dub” represents the letter well enough.

Double-vee seems more sensible to me.

I just want to cull that “double” bit.

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