TARDIS Builders Australia

16 11 2011

I have a strange and possibly stupid idea in my head where I want to build a TARDIS, no, not a toy one… a big one, an authentic Matt Smith “Police Box”.

I intend to keep it in my house and have it be a point of interest, and also a useful article.

Although I’ve never built a damn thing in my life, I’d like to try, although I have severe reservations about doing so.

One of the things which would be nice to try, is to make it from good, recycled timber, which I hope would be cheaper, as I don’t have much to spend.

Yes, Money is tight… but perhaps if I learn how to do this, perhaps I can then apply what I’ve learnt so that I can fix up bits of my house.

Also, I want a fun vibe in my house, why shouldn’t a home have a fun vibe?

I have created a group for this called TARDIS Builders Australia.

It exists as a Google Group and a G+ Group.

If you’d like to join, and read the bits and pieces I find from others who have tackled it… Yes others have done it… or to watch videos, on Police Boxes etc, join me… Perhaps something wonderful can end up getting done.


E-mail tardis-builders-australia@googlegroups.com




2 responses

24 05 2012
Peter Fagan

Hi Wolfie – after talking with you at the ABC sandbox in ’07 I find you tweeting at the brilliant Holly Johnson and on your blog? building TARDISes, no less.

I highly recommend http://tardisbuilders.com, there’s a stack of reference material in there, it’s just sat behind registration to be visible. I’m PeterTheta in Twitter, that board and SL but haven’t been in the latter two for a while. Most of my hobby time goes into http://beeblebroxcompany.org these days.

Good reads on many subjects in your blog – I certainly share your views on a lot of them. Take care!

– Pete

24 05 2012
Wolfie Rankin

Hi There Peter, Nice to hear from you.

The TARDIS thing was a passing fancy, it never got off the ground, and I really didn’t expect it to.

But yes, I’ve been chatting to some amazing people on Twitter and love it 🙂

I’ll stick to writing, joining wood together is probably not my thing 🙂


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