Hardly HD

15 11 2011

I have a little niggle, which is when I visit YouTube and spot a video which is, for example, from 1983, and the uploader has written…

“Culture Club – Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (HD)”

As the title.

Well sorry, It’s not, and I don’t care if you recorded the thing from some HD channel, The video is from 1983, it will never, ever be, in HD.

Some of you oldies, like myself, remember when we went from black and white tv, to colour, and how black and white movies remained in black and white, even though we watched them on our colour sets, it’s the same principle here.

If the original source was HD… either a film or HD recording, then your upload, should be in HD, provided you followed all the protocols to keep the video as close to the original as possible.

But if the source was in standard definition television format, usually with a 4:3 format, then even if some guy (or you) fiddled with the video in a studio, or someone stretched the video out vertically, making everyone in the video look like Elvis shortly before he kicked the bucket. and then you saved the file in 1080i or 720p format, then mark my words, it will still be a Standard Definition video.

You should note that just because your computer says a video is now 1080i, that doesn’t make it HD, the computer just thinks it is. In much the same way as if you copy a black and white film to videotape the machine will “think” it’s colour, even when you can plainly see that it isn’t.

You cannot, even in this age of computers, add what is missing to make the video HD, any more than you can easily turn a black and white film into colour.

There are lots of people out there working in real video production houses, who know HD when they see it, and think you’re an idiot when they see HD next to a twenty year old music video.

If you’re unsure, just don’t write HD in the title of your upload, it’s not required, after all, nobody says “IN LIVING COLOUR” anymore either.


I have my bingo card ready and waiting for a word, anyone want to say it?




One response

15 11 2011
Wolfie Rankin

This said, you can still have a lovely, clean standard definition video. and you can do things to it to make it better… if you’re clever enough, you can replace a mono sound source with one taken from CD provided the song is identical to the one on the video (not a different mix), that will make the sound clearer.
But don’t stretch a perfectly nice 4:3 video into 16:9… Yes it takes the black borders off the sides, but it also makes everyone in the video look like they’ve been eating too many cheese burgers, it’s ugly… if it’s 4:3 to begin with, then leave it be.

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