Let Her name be known

28 10 2011

I want to stand up for a Woman, A Woman who is an electronic music pioneer and changed a tune into one of the most iconic television themes around, yet to this day remains uncredited.

It’s wrong, don’t you think?

The Doctor Who theme was composed by Australian Ron Grainer, but it was originally played on piano (This was never heard on the show), But Delia took the theme and gave it an amazing new electronic sound.

Remember, You couldn’t just go to the shops and buy electronic instruments in those days, you had to make your own, from scratch, and Delia did this.

She also made all her own sounds for those instruments.

So imagine how difficult it was to create that theme in 1963, I’m sure Delia would have appreciated all the instruments and computers that we have today.

Now if you’ve ever read through the credits at the end of the show, You will notice that Ron is, quite rightly, credited for composing the theme… but there’s nothing about Delia, and I feel this is wrong.

Such a pioneer should never have been ignored.

If you care nothing about Doctor Who, Consider that Delia must have started an interest in electronic music, She must have planted a seed which made others wonder if they could also create electronic music.

That theme must have been a spark which started a fire for others.

I think Delia deserves a credit in Doctor Who.

Please BBC, Let Her name be known.

Delia Derbshire




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