A few words about the Carbon Tax

15 10 2011

I was on the greens Facebook page a few days ago, and found a comment from someone complaining about the carbon tax, according to this person “The carbon tax won’t do one iota of good as far as the worlds C02 emissions go” or something along those lines.

So… If the tax works, and money is being fed into green energy research, and this country is seen as a World Leader (remember this bit) in green energy production… and small green energy businesses become huge green energy businesses, and smart people are coming in from other countries to help in this exciting field… and therefore Australia is looked at by other countries who go “Hrmm, I bet we could do stuff like that” and then they start doing their own green energy stuff…. then that’s gotta help with those C02 emissions, surely?

I think part of the problem is Aussies hate themselves, no seriously.

You ask an Aussie how they feel about the country, and they’ll tell you they love it.

But then if they sing, a US accent pops out… and when they talk, you get US slang and US words.

You go to buy a biscuit in a shop these days and find it’s a “cookie”.

If the US had done this first, the carbon tax, and we adopted it, it would have been fine… maybe there would have been a few grumbles, but we would have done it because although we’re great innovators, we can’t stand to be the leader.

Remember the black box flight recorder? Aussie invention… Look it up, When the inventor tried to get Aussie airlines to try it, they weren’t interested.

So he took it to the UK, They liked it there, and used it.

They used it in the US too.

It was only then that the airlines here said “ok, we’ll give it a shot”.

And what about that solar power station which was invented by another Aussie, Wouldn’t put it up here would they, but it’s going up in Arizona.

Aussies, I’m sick of us following others like little lost sheep, can’t we be the leaders? design our own plans for the future, sing with an Aussie accent, develop our own slang? Be ourselves?

And have smart people coming HERE to work instead of having to go overseas in order to be noticed?

Just for once?






2 responses

15 10 2011

I hope that Australian leadership in tackling the carbon problem does lead to similar action overseas. However, I would appreciate a little more action in this country as well.

Like many other patriotic, green-minded Australians I have put myself into long-term indebtedness to have solar power panels installed on my roof, so as to reduce the carbon footprint of this city and state. Now I am told that I am part of the problem, because so many of us have enthusiastically endorsed the solar energy option that the grid does not have the capacity to absorb all that input (or some such excuse).

I would like to think that, of the portion of the carbon tax that is to be invested in alternative energy sources, some will be set aside for improving the capacity of the grid to take the energy input we were so recently begged to provide.

9 11 2011
Leonie Weaver

I totally agree with this essay of yours, Wolfie. Good on you!

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