Stairway to Oprah

10 10 2011

The weird dream from last night, documented in all it’s weird glory for all to see.

There was a city square, kind of like Melbourne’s Federation Square, paved area, big building in the middle, you get the idea.

A Chinese lady was racing back and forth like a pong paddle, trying to block me, I had the idea that it was some crazy Chinese hidden camera show or some such.

I turned back, and found myself in a park, almost like a small forest at night.
and there was this car body, amongst the trees.

Inside the car was a light, and a guy offering connection to the internet.

I plugged my iPhone into my router, which had buttons on it to dial numbers… and I plugged that into a cable in the car.

Needless to say, it didn’t work… My mind didn’t seem to object, as it often doesn’t in dreams, when it should have been screaming something about wi-fi.

I unplugged and went to leave.

“Hey Buddy, You can’t leave without paying” Said He from the front seat.

I had the idea this guy was going to cause me some grief if I didn’t pay up, he seemed like a pot head, He was probably doing some worse drugs too.

I offered to pay, I had $50 in my wallet, that’d do.

But when he crawled into the back seat, I said.

“Man, you’re in the back seat, who’s driving the car?” Well nobody was driving the car, and nor was I running along side.

But He fell for it and panicked, as He went for the wheel, uttering a profanity, I made a run for it.

I was at the square again, running, and it was broad daylight again. the Chinese Woman saw me and made a run, but was too late.

There were Women everywhere in beautiful dresses which looked like curtains, the lower half, around their legs looked like flower petals, they were lovely.

Oprah was there, right next to me, She was really busy.

I was pleased to see Her, We were friends, so it was rather a relief to find Her.

She entered a building via some sliding glass doors and ascended a flight of stairs, I followed behind.

She went on and on about the things She was doing and the people who She had to meet. I had something to tell her, I felt that it was rather important, but couldn’t get a word in.

When She got to the top of the stairs, She reached a carpeted platform, there was nothing there, A few steps forward would have been death as there was nothing but a drop to the floor below, She was still talking.

I was about five steps below Her, and found that I was hot and completely exhausted.

I couldn’t make it up any higher.

At the top of the stairs was Tom Selleck, Wearing a kilt.

He noticed that I was having a hard time, and lowered a hand for me, which I took.
He just pulled me right up the stairs and onto the platform, which seemed narrower than before, I think it was only a meter across.

I felt like a weak little puppy, I needed a drink and a lay down.

Tom Laid in a sexy pose between Oprah and I.

He said “Do you like this hunky body? Do you wanna fuck it?”
Which surprised me.

I felt dizzy.

I woke up, it was about 4am, and I was very hot.

I got up and grabbed a drink from the fridge, had a pee and went back to bed.





3 responses

10 10 2011

you’re a strange one indeed, wolfie 🙂

10 10 2011

Oh Wolfie, I would love to spend some time on this. It oozes with mental messages. You are on the brink of something big, but I think you choose not to go down that road. Will think about this because I believe dreams are important.

10 10 2011
Wolfie Rankin

Well Tom Selleck gave me a hand, literally.

I remember dangling in space, by his hand and being pulled up to the platform.

He was nicer to me than Oprah (although She was *really* busy)
But then he wanted sex.

I did get the impression that both knowing Oprah and getting to the same level as her, though it was a rather dangerous place to be, was about getting up in the World.

Nice, but I doubt that can happen, what have I to offer the world?

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