Air Waves

28 09 2011

The sound of radio has changed with each passing decade, not only with our tastes in music, but in what was technically possible at the time. Radio wasn’t always as clear as it often is now, and depending on your location, it still might not be.

Last year an idea occurred to me, what if we could re-create radio of the time, down to the most timy detail… the sound of the music being played, the way the announcer spoke, the hum of equipment, the static the audience would hear, the commercials and news reports of the day.

So that it’s almost like a person had somehow gone back in time, and is listening to a broadcast from a particular day.

No, this is not hits and memories, it goes deeper than that, this is a normal broadcast day by a fictional Aussie Radio Station (But it could be from the ABC).

When music is played, it’s what would have been played that week, that year of that decade… the good and the bad.

The Announcer would need to be a good actor, who understands how Australians spoke at the time, and which slang was… and wasn’t used.

The Advertisements would be genuine (Surely ABC would not worry about decades old material?).

The program would need to sound completely real, there would be no reality breaks during the two hour broadcast.

Even at News time, the reports would be from the past.

Understand this would be difficult to put together, We’d need a linguist who knows how people spoke back then (40’s to 80’s), We’d need experts on the technology who would make sure things sounded right, We’d need to go through archives and find the advertising, live interviews and anything which might surprise us and which could be used.

A script writer or two, of course!

And then, how would this be broadcast? Live on ABC once a week? On Digital? or a Podcast?

I’m sure there are things which I haven’t thought of, which would need to be addressed.

Would you be up for it?





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