The bathroom for people who hate cleaning.

25 09 2011

A small discussion was started on Twitter today, about bathrooms and how people hate to clean them.

I have thought about this too, how to do as little cleaning as possible, I’m sure many have.

I have come up with a design idea, which I’d love to at home, but I think that’s it’s unlikely to happen, but I can dream, can’t I?

Still, I have ideas and I put them out there in the hope that someone can go with them.

I have thought about having a home designed which is built around the idea of not having to clean for hours, just a few minutes in each room… mostly.

The bathroom, and I’m Australian, so when I say Bathroom, I mean Bathroom… Sans-Toilet. Get the drift.

On no account should a toilet be IN the bathroom, What happens if you’re having a bath and Uncle Fred needs a poo really badly, awful, awful idea… a Loo needs to have it’s own room.

OK, My bathroom is tiled, all over, except for the ceiling, although I would like walls of glass, or a combo of the two.

The whole thing is very minimal, there is a shower head in one corner, there’s a sunken bath in the floor, and a hand basin.

The glass in the walls are also windows which allow light from the outside, in, and allows for views of the garden.

This room is the Wet room.

There is a Dry room right next to it, and this stores towels, shampoo, soap, toothbrushes and so on.

The idea is to take things from the dry room, use them in the wet room, and put them back after you’re finished.

To clean the wet room, it’s a matter of putting some head gear on (hearing) and going mad with something like a karcher high pressure cleaner.

That’s the basics anyway.

The rest of the house would feature lots of storage built into walls and stairs, and knick-knacks would be kept behind glass panels which would seal tight like tupperware to keep the dust off them, but that’s another story.





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