12 09 2011

When it comes to verification, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are all a bit slow unless you happen to be a major celebrity.

It seems to me that something is needed to push things along quicker.

Some may argue over why we’d need verification anyway, Well for one thing, the recent pseudonym debacle at Google+ (Quora? Nobody mentioning Quora? They started it) could have been avoided if we had some quick and easy way of proving that yes, We are real people here, even if we are using made up names.

So how could we do that?

Well, I think what is required is a third party, who verifies who you are, registers your name and avatar… and then tells the other social networks that all is right with the world.

You’d sign up, and then be required to prove to this company, that you are you, a scan of your drivers licence, birth certificate and one or two other items should be enough.

The company may then spend some time looking at your data, possibly phoning some people, and then set up a page for you.

At this page you could:

List the Social Networks which you are connected to, and nominate ONE account at each site for verification… You could not have two seperate Facebook pages, for instance.

Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and others would receive the data from this website and automatically add the Verified Tick to your account.

It would also take your Avatar photo and description of yourself, directly from the verification service, so that you wouldn’t need to do this manually every time you join a new social network.

It would save you time setting up a new social network, be easier for the social networks to verify you, and no ugly scenes where perfectly reasonable users are thrown off a network.

The problem is that this site would need to be trusted by the public and the other social networks, who would have to adopt it widely… If there were three or more such services and each network wanted to use a different verification service, it’d fail.

Lastly, the site would not share ANY private information with anyone else, all information apart from what you wish to share… Your Description, Name and Avatar…
MUST be kept completely confidential.

Gravitar is similar to what I’m talking about, extending it to do this extra work, could be a reasonable plan.




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