Wolfies Theory

2 09 2011

Whenever I’ve been in a car, or even out walking, Sometimes I’ve seen something on the road or footpath which at first appears to be a bird, but as I get closer, find that it’s simply an old magazine or plastic bag.

While walking Katie (my Dog) home from the park, I saw something ahead of us which looked like a very plump fowl of some sort, possibly a pheasant, as there was a bit of red on what seemed to be it’s “chest” area, while the “wing” which flapped in the breeze was grey.

Up close it turned out to be an empty good-os box (dry dog food) in a grey plastic shopping bag.

Almost every time I see something like this, my mind tells me it’s a dead bird.

And I have a theory about this.

I know the brain has to make sense of what the eyes are seeing, and it’s likely that
our brains are keyed into looking for things which help us stay alive, or breed.
and so I reckon this bird thing is the old brain going “AHA! Free Tucker, I’ll have that!”

I’ve noticed that dogs also take a keen interest in the distant object, and will almost always pull me towards the thing, and then give it a good sniff, before deciding it’s not as edible as they first thought and carry on.

Perhaps now we wouldn’t think of eating a dead bird that we found on the road, but I feel that survival instinct is still there, just below the surface.





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