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25 07 2011
Bridgesburning Chris King

Hmmm I am glad to see you are keeping things as they are. Are you thinking they could give you grief?

25 07 2011
Wolfie Rankin

Considering a number of Furries have already been suspended, but have come back with modified names… I’ll make one up so you can see.
Imagine one is called Wolfman Illustrious (These weird last names are often picked up from involvement with Second Life, It’s where I got Rankin… Otherwise I was just Wolfie!)

Google suspends this person, so they compromise by becoming James “Wolfman Illustrious” Jackson.

I really don’t think I’ll be seeing a Reginald “Elton john” Dwight or a George “Boy George” O’Dowd in future, So I’m not changing the name I’m best known as.

And if anyone thinks I’m being silly, Here’s a thing.

If you have over 1000 followers, it starts to get very difficult to remember who they are, and when they have one name here, and another name there, and another name somewhere else, I forget who they are. I’m having that problem on G+ now, People who I have known for years are suddenly using their real names and I haven’t got any idea who they are until they say “Oh by the way, I’m Foxy from Twitter”

I’m sorry but I simply cannot be expected to remember three different names for everyone, and I don’t expect people to remember several of mine either.

Just like Coke, I am very well branded (Though it seems a horrible thing to say, I’m not a product) People see my name and logo and know who they’re talking to, and it’s staying that way.

25 07 2011

Wolfie, if you get kicked off I will be right behind you, I will not be part of a social network that has an attitude like that. Besides the obvious need for some of us to remain anonymous, what I worry about is giving any body or corp so much power.

It is getting so they know my every keystroke, and hello! What’s to say they don’t get a bad egg within the organisation who has the power to use my account illegally.

The truth is, identity security is the most important part of our life and we shouldn’t have to give out our information randomly. If large corporations can get hacked into then why not Google?

25 07 2011
Wolfie Rankin

The bigger you are, the easier it is to take a shot at.

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