News from Oklahoma

25 05 2011

Here’s an e-mail I received from @Eva2009Sophie, A friend I’ve known for years who lives in Oklahoma, USA.

We’ve had a massive tornado outbreak, multiple huge tornadoes, we went to an
underground shelter and rode it out..whole trees are down here in town and
power outages but we were lucky…the town of Piedmont, west of Oklahoma
city was wiped out and lots of other towns too….they’re searching for a 3
yr old little boy right now 😦 hope they find him and he’s OK and the
national weather service, which happens to be out of Norman, near us..they
said something they rarely ever say, they said get ready NOW because its
going to be a historic tornado day in Oklahoma and they were right…ugh
my roof has shingles off , Now definitely need a new roof, it’s just unbelievable
There’s even a tornado warning in Dallas Texas right as I’m typing
this..its 9:44 pm here…Several people so far are reported dead and they’re
searching for others..anyhow just wanted you to know we’re ok, love and kisses
to you xoxo

Via Michelle Crismon.





One response

26 05 2011

Oh God that certainly personalizes these storms..have you heard anything more from her?

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