On Sex

8 05 2011

Reading your post about doing things other than watching TV, Although naturally using the Internet is fine.


There’s an idea.

Do they sell it in jars at Coles (Supermarket)?

It’s funny how sex seems to be this amazing cure all for lifes shortcomings.

I’ve seen these people bashing their heads against a brick wall because they’re supposedly not normal, because they’re not getting any. Next thing they’re in relationships and being depressed, and having babies, and not enough money is coming in, they’re screaming blue murder at each other and hurling objects and getting black eyes and a lawyer.

I’ve seen (and heard) this first hand, Neighbours abusing each other and relations having divorces.

And somehow, because I’m single and wish to stay that way, and live with my cat and dog. I get sneered at.

And while it’s true that life isn’t perfect, I can pretty much do my own thing.

Perhaps I’m too lazy or inept, but honestly, what’s the point?


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2 responses

9 05 2011

No one should sneer at single, dog, cat and liking it..advantages to all lifestyles…could be jealously on their part as some do resent your freedom…silly people…

9 05 2011
Wolfie Rankin

Yes, as I’ve noted before, people in very nice cars have gone past while I walk Katie and sometimes there’s a look like “I wish I had a dog”.

Had I grown up in a flat, and had I still been in one, I would never have had a dog, so I feel very fortunate.

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