4 05 2011

Today I needed to go shopping, and as I don’t own a car, I called a taxi.

This process has always worked, Phone, Tell them where you are and where you want to go, they tell you that it’s on it’s way, done!

Now, there’s an iPhone app which is called “13CABS”, and the idea is that when you want to go home again, you tap it’s icon, it locates your position via GPS and the taxi is supposed to come and pick you up… it’s supposed to, but usually it doesn’t.

And I think I’ve worked out why.

On the way, there were electronic messages heard in the taxi, a robotic female voice would ask the driver if he was prepared to take a passenger from wherever they were.

When these came through, thrice while on the way out, the driver pressed a button and the voice said “You have declined the passenger” or some such phrase.

So what I think is going on is that after hailing a taxi on 13CABS, The app tells me that a driver has been notified, but then when he pushes cancel, the request is not passed onto another taxi as it should be, but is totally cancelled.

This leaves the would be passenger constantly checking their iPhone for updates to see if the taxi is really coming or not.

If you don’t check and it’s cancelled, you could be left standing there until you do, I was left standing for over an hour.

The App sounds fine in theory, to find yourself on the side of a road somewhere and not know where you are (I tried GPS on the iPhone and was told I was in Egypt, I have no idea why) and have a taxi come and pick you up, well it’s a great idea.

I was standing on a road beside a major shopping center, but telling the taxi company I was somewhere there was no good, as the shopping area is vast, and I’d be a mere needle in a haystack, and there was very little signage… and I was freezing my arse off.

I wound up phoning my neighbour instead who was kind enough to pick me up, fortunately he knew where I was by description of the area.

I tend to get lost easily, I didn’t inherit that Pigeon-like sense of direction which my Dad had in abundance.

But I got home anyway, Thankyou David.

Our little family is back together again.

As for 13CABS, It’s as reliable as asking a cat to look after a salmon for you, I will never use it again.


* Tonight a friend told me how to make maps find me, in Australia. and as it turns out, hitting the little arrow icon in the bottom left does work. I’m sure I must’ve tried it before though, how could I have missed it?




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15 06 2011

Dear Wolfie,

You might find my story about my Sister, Cancer and an athiest facing death interesting.


A Star Shines Over Paradise..Sisters and Cancer

I like your stuff.

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