Mr. Ed (or how I almost met Frenté)

3 04 2011

During the 90’s, when the internet was still a bit of a virgin, I had found out that the band Frenté had their own IRC channel, and would use it to chat with each other, and their fans too.

Well I hung around for ages, hoping one of the band members would eventually show up, and that we could have a nice, long, *dignified* discussion.

One day I’m waiting there, and nobody was in the channel, So I’m stuffing around at my desk for twenty minutes or so, contemplating my place in the universe when suddenly, a friend who I knew from another channel, logged in and we started having a random chat about anything that happened to come to mind.

This went on for quite some time.

Then another name popped up in the chat list, it was one of the band, who gave us a friendly hello.

I said hi back, and felt really happy because I could at last have the lovely happy chat I was hoping for.

It was just the three of us, which wasn’t surprising back then because the internet wasn’t nearly as popular as it is now. if you even owned a computer, you were pretty much considered a social cripple.

But anyway, the Frenté band person (I don’t remember who it was) asks “What are you fellas talking about?”

Which was a really really bad thing to ask, because my “Friend” types…

“Horse Cocks!”

And the guy goes “Oh” and logs out.

Thanks Mate, Thanks a lot.





3 responses

3 04 2011
Stuart Otterson

See that’s deserving of a punch in the arm, though since he’s presumably an IRC friend that’s rather difficult to achieve physically.

3 04 2011
Wolfie Rankin

We did eventually meet in real life, but I was over it by then.

I have a bit of a chuckle when I think about this incident though. 🙂

It’s quite possible that I’ll meet one of the members of Frenté on Facebook or Twitter, or may have already done so, still willing to chat.

9 04 2011
Dermott Banana

I met a couple of them at a party once.
All the cool guys at the party were trying to hit on Angie.
I just hung out in another room with some dudes who were getting stoned and trying to play the home-owner’s clarinet.

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